Our Leaders

As BigCommerce continues to grow globally, the depth and range of our corporate leadership does as well. Our executives have experience growing companies like PayPal, HomeAway and Twitter. They are supported by a board of distinguished business leaders who know that building a great company takes unfailing commitment to your customers.

Experienced Executives

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Brent Bellm

Chief Executive Officer

Brent is the Chief Executive Officer of BigCommerce. A retail and ecommerce veteran of 20 years, Brent has served in a variety of executive leadership positions, successfully growing industry-leading companies including HomeAway and PayPal.

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Robert Alvarez

Chief Financial Officer

Robert is the Chief Financial Officer of BigCommerce. He has been instrumental in the acquisition or listing of his 4 previous companies and brings extensive experience in finance, planning, and business transactions.

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Russell Klein

Chief Commercial Officer

Russell is the Chief Commercial Officer of BigCommerce. He brings more than 20 years of management experience spanning M&A, investments, joint ventures, business and corporate development.

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Ben Sumrall

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is the Chief Operating Officer of BigCommerce. He has more than 20 years experience in senior operations and finance roles at multi-billion dollar organizations including Amazon and Dell.

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Lisa Eggerton

Chief Marketing Officer

Lisa is the Chief Marketing Officer of BigCommerce. She has 20+ years of experience scaling high-growth companies with a focus on enterprise SaaS. In her multiple executive roles, she's been responsible for setting company vision and strategy, driving business performance through organic growth, global expansion and M&A, and navigating corporate exits.

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Brian Dhatt

Chief Technology Officer

Brian is the Chief Technology Officer of BigCommerce. Prior to BigCommerce, he served as CTO at Borderfree, where he led all aspects of product and technology, and previously held senior leadership positions at Jetsetter, Gilt City and Best Buy.

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Marc Ostryniec

Chief Sales Officer

Marc is the Chief Sales Officer of BigCommerce. Marc has more than 20 years of enterprise sales leadership experience, driving significant growth and execution within Retail, Financial Services and Manufacturing industries.

Rob Kaloustian
Rob Kaloustian

Chief Services Officer

Rob is the Chief Services Officer at BigCommerce. He has more than two decades of experience leading customer success, sales engineering and customer-facing technical teams at a number of global tech companies.

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Sherri Manning

Chief People Officer

Sherri Manning is the Chief People Officer at BigCommerce. She brings a wealth of HR experience in her leadership role where she is responsible for the organizational development, employee acquisition, retention, compensation planning, benefits, administrative and facilities functions.

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Jeff Mengoli

Chief Legal Officer

Jeff is Chief Legal Counsel for BigCommerce. He has more than 20 years of experience representing emerging growth companies and previously served as General Counsel for the Alibaba Group's US subsidiaries.

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Daniel Lentz

Senior Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations

Daniel is the Senior Vice President of Finance and Investors Relations for BigCommerce. He has two decades of experience guiding the financial and operational functions within industry leaders like Dell, Procter & Gamble and RetailMeNot.

Troy Cox
Troy Cox

SVP of Product

Troy is the Senior Vice President of Product for BigCommerce. He brings more than 20 years of product and engineering leadership experience across both startup and established public companies including Microsoft.

World-Class Advisors

Bod Satish Malhotra
Satish Malhotra

The Container Store

Bod Sally Gilligan
Sally Gilligan

Gap Inc.

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Larry Bohn

General Catalyst

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Jeff Richards

GGV Capital

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Don Clarke

Plex Systems, Inc.

Headshot Ellen Siminoff
Ellen Siminoff

Board of Directors Zynga, Shmoop, Discovery Education, Solarwinds

Visionary Investors

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